Here you will find our sustainable fabric options, featuring TENCEL™ Lyocell fibres. These fibres are known for feeling super soft, similar to our natural Rayon; making it ideal for sleepwear. The making process uses chemicals that are less-toxic and get recycled in the process so there’s minimal waste. It also uses wood from trees in sustainably-harvested forests. The fabric itself has qualities of long-lasting softness, good colour retention and most importantly, breathability.

Cotton Lyocell Blend - 50% Cotton, 50% Lyocell ~ Feels like cotton but a little softer and some drape. Medium weight. 

Linen Lyocell Blend - 50% Cotton, 50% Lyocell ~ Woven to look and feel like Linen, however soft and drapey. Heavier weight. 

100% Lyocell - Feels like rayon, but softer and butterier, and more lightweight.

Nicolette Sleep Set - White Washed Cotton
$89.00 USD
Maggie Pajama Set - Long Pants - Cotton - Christmas Stripe
$55.00 USD
Peta Sleep Set - Lounge Pants - Cotton - Poppies Navy Blue
$95.00 USD
Maggie Pajama Set - 100% Lyocell - Flower Child
$79.00 USD
Nicolette Sleep Set - Cotton Lyocell Blend - Nude Blush
$49.00 USD
Maggie Pajama Set - Vintage Palm - Olive
$75.00 USD